Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor-Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor v0.331 MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited All)

Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor-Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor v0.331 MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited All) title=

Gallery: Coloring Book & Decor


Gallery is a coloring game but combines many lighthearted elements to create a great adventure for players with a memorable partner. Moreover, it introduces the concept of home decoration with a depth of detail to enhance their entertainment or create a force for them to continue with their work. Every story in the game is also a great exploration for the player for each content.


The main character in the Gallery is a painter who loves her job, and she has to get rid of her boring job to start a new life with her boyfriend. The player must rebuild an old abandoned mansion with relaxing and gentle painting challenges as the plot progresses. The entire villa is further divided into several different zones, with many interiors and structures needing to be tweaked before restoration for one area.


If players want construction progress for each area or room, they need to complete the many coloring challenges introduced throughout the game. Its content is also simple and full of freedom when players can use all their favorite colors to draw vivid and attractive masterpieces. Henceforth, the more beautiful the player’s picture, the more rewards they will receive to restore more parts and furniture in the house.


Each interaction in the house will give players many options to create a new style, including color or overall design. The Gallery will introduce a massive selection system for players to immerse themselves in decisions with their imagination before decorating. Above all, everything has its distinct beauty, which makes the player’s creativity strongly stimulated in the process of decorating the villa.


Character customization is also an impressive point for players to interact with NPCs or explore around the mansion. Her special interactions also give players lots of surprises and cute animations that appear randomly, showing off a life-loving and dynamic personality. Besides, players can find many other costumes in generous rewards, making the character more gorgeous than ever.


A dramatic and suspenseful storyline involving her personal life blends seamlessly into the game’s relaxing and entertaining gameplay. Gallery wants players to understand more about the main character’s personality and past, even open up to those around them and explore the stories behind them together. Also, players will gradually meet more new characters over time, and they always bring many surprises and heartwarming stories.


The game will not stop at the classic content above, but it owns a vivid and attractive 3D graphics system for players to immerse themselves in each scene. Its ability to adjust brightness and color is also perfect, creating many unique and majestic moments for players to have the best experience when decorating the mansion. The graphics will also have many surprises for players as they open many new doors in the main character’s life.

Although the Gallery uses the concept of coloring and painting as the main theme, it incorporates house decoration elements to enhance excitement and delight players. On top of that, the extraordinary stories and interactions with NPCs will open up many new things for players to enjoy its quintessence.