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Fat 2 Fit!


Fat 2 Fit is a game in the form of a simulation of women’s weight loss journey. Keeping the choice of eating meat or vegetables every day is also a big problem, isn’t it?? There are times when you will want to eat a lot of hamburgers, but if you’re going to lose weight, cucumber is still the best choice. Sometimes, it is also necessary to get a lot of energy from the sandwiches. Skinny or fat will be decided by your choice. Join the race to choose your own size! Will you achieve a fit body??


Starting in the game, the player will be formatted as a fat girl, entering the weight loss path, looking for a balanced body. Flexible hand control to slide left, right, or jump up to be able to eat the desired dish. The operation is effortless, but remember to hurry up because if you are not quick, the player may have to eat what he does not want.

The game principle in Fat 2 Fit is quite easy to understand and practical: when you eat a lot of burgers, you will gain weight, and your body will swell; On the contrary, if you eat a lot of cucumbers, you will get sick again, and your body will shrink. But if you overeat bread or cucumber, when you overcome obstacles such as runway terrain, etc., you will have difficulty overcoming, the runway will be broken. You have to control your hands flexibly and think about what to eat, so be careful here. Make the right food choices to complete the perfect race!


The realistic and detailed graphics of the game are the first plus points when you just start playing the game. But only then will players be attracted by the pace of the game. The girl losing weight will gradually increase after the race, especially when running into different terrain areas; the speed will also change. At various levels, the terrain, the landscape will also change. Your friend’s food may vary, and the player can exchange bread and cucumbers for other food items in the game’s shop. The variety of this game will make your way to finding your beautiful body, not boring.


Sometimes every day can only rest and play games for a few minutes. Is it too short to play a game? No, this will be the perfect choice for you. This game is entirely free; you can play it even without the internet. Running time in a race is also very short, only about 1-2 minutes. So whenever you have free time, you just open your phone and enjoy playing.

On the way to finding a beautiful body, it is not easy. There are times when it is easy to be tempted by delicious dishes, and it is not possible to eat only cucumbers all the time. But no matter what body shape, fat or fit, it’s always great, you’ll still be a beautiful lady!

Use your hands to move flexibly left, right, or jump up to eat a burger or cucumber.When you eat a burger, you will gain weight, and your body will grow; On the contrary, when you eat cucumbers, you will be thin, and your body will be sick again.Move carefully when going through obstacles to run as fast as possible to the finish line.The terrain of each race will change, the running speed will also gradually increase.New foods and items can be purchased to make the game more interesting